Stroll around the fields

Södraskog is a SMALL village on the shores of lake Örken. A small village with around ten inhabitants, kind people that love their environment and willingly share it with peaceful visitors and with the sheep and lambs grazing the meadows.

Stroll around the fields and meadows and into the surrounding woods, pick some berries or mushrooms, take a tour with the rowingboat, swim from one of the small islands. Or try fishing in the evening sun. A quiet and simple life.

But if you fancy something more, here comes some suggestions for trips in the region.


Our local center. Here you find PUTTES, our one and only and best store. Here you find almost all you need and more, like fishinglicence for Örken.

A GOLF COURSE with nine holes just by the lake. Here is also a small summer-café located just by the PUBLIC BEACH. Very family friendly with both lawns and sand and a tower to jump from.

RAMOA outdoor activity you find a couple of km further along the lake.

AROUND LAKE ÖRKEN, a tour of 50-60km.

If you turn to the right in RAMKVILLA, towards HÖRJESÅS there are nice views. Later take left towards NORRHULT and stop at LIBBHULTS ÄNGAR, a small nature reserv with very old oak and beech-trees in the meadows. In KLAVRESTRÖM there used to be an old iron mill and it´s environment and muséum is worth a visit. In NORRHULT there is a nice café.

After passing Norrhult continue the small road along lake Madkroken with several small public beaches, and arrive to BRAÅS at the most southern end of Örken. You find a small homested muséum and if you are lucky the lovely café is open. A small beach just beside it. On your way home you pass BÖKSHOLM with yet another public beach.


Södraskog is just on the edge of this area with several glassworks like KOSTA/BODA and ORREFORS. Look at their professional webiste. I will just give you my personal favourites:

PERSSON o PERSSON, recykling of glass and the smallest nicest café

MÅLERÅS, a large factory in the deep forest with special designs and a handicraft shop.

TRANSJÖ HYTTA, with exclusive objects in a wonderful environment. The shop is like an artmuséum but openinghours a bit random.

In KOSTA you can not only buy lots of glass in the big shop but also enter the factory and watch the glassmaking by the furnaces.



HIGH CHAPARAL with western adventures

MOOSEPARK, for example GRÖNÅSEN close to Kosta

ADVENTURE-BATHS in both Sävsjö and Växjö


HÖRNEBO SKIFFERGRUVA, an old slate quarry just a few km beyond Ramkvilla. Always open to visitors that enter through a long tunnel (bring flashlight). Some summerevenings there are late eveningconserts where you stand listening to various artists while waching the stars light up abowe.

KLEVA GRUVA old copper mine.

Searching for gold in ÄDELFORS


On a round tour south you can visit four small medieval churches: DREVs old church, just a few km away, in Braås you find SJÖSÅS old church. Continue to GRANHULT´s old wooden church with vivid paintings and finish in DÄDESJÖ old church. You will now have a deeper understanding of the hard life here a long long time ago.

If you want more of old churches, google the word ”NJUDUNGSKYRKORNA”, a number of old churches located a bit north of us. For ex Lannaskede, Myresjö, Nävelsjö, Vallsjö.


HOUSE OF EMIGRANTS and MUSÉUM OF SMÅLAND next to each other in Kulturparken in Växjö.

The old wooden city in EKSJÖ and a nice muséum.

EKO-muséum in Bodafors.

KULTURGATAN in Bodafors.

Astrid Lindgrens childhood home in NÄÄS.


VANDALORUM, art muséum in Värnamo. Good lunch restaurant.

BRUNO MATTSON center in Värnamo.

NORRGAVEL in Lammhult on the way to Värnamo has exclusive scandinavian furniture of today. At POPPINS MÖBELKLINIK you can find good quality handicraft and selected designobjects. BUTIK MORE M also has nice and unusual products.

VIRSERUMS KONSTHALL. Take the small whorling roads going there and you get a nice picture of the genuin Småland.

NATURE is everywhere. Look out for the many small naturereserves and hikingtrails.


IKEA in Älmhult is the center of this giant company. Also has a muséum.

Växjö is the closest shoppingtown.

LOPPIS means second hand and you find the homemade signs here and there along the roads. Stop and make a recykeled bargin.